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Employee Name Badges


Having employees wear name badges not only provide them identity, but also a sense of belonging.


Employee name badges bestow the wearer exclusive membership to the organization he or she serves.


The spirit of wearing a name badge gives the employee the confidence to practice the authority entrusted to them by the institution and allows them to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively.


Employee name badges (interchangeable called employee ID badges) also enhance customer service and gain customer trust.

By wearing a simple nameplate, customers will be able to recognize an employee from the rest of the group in an institution.


This works effectively since it would be easy for customers to pinpoint whom to talk to in cases when inquiries need to be answered.


As a matter of fact, clients would only take their business to the right representative of an organization. And with employee badges, they are able to segregate the people who can help them from the rest.



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Name badges are mostly made from either plastic or metal. Either of these materials will serve very well with what ever interest a company can think of in using ID badges. However, metal name badges can be a bit more expensive than plastic. But in most cases makers offer huge discounts to companies that make bulk orders for the item.


The employee’s name is not the only print that could land on a name badge. The company’s logo, a simple greeting, and an employee’s designation can also be added to the ID badge to enhance its look and bring more command to the employee. Using this technique makes use of the badge as an advertising material in a discreet way. This definitely enhances customer service and imprints a company’s logo to the customer.


There are few more reasons why a company may issue employee badges. Aside from the identification that accompanies a name badge, it also elevates a company’s appearance towards its clients. For large organizations with a 100 or more employee, name badges can help employees recognize each other.



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Common shapes of employee ID badges include rectangle, square, oval, and circle. Rectangle and square badges can be cut with sharp edges or slightly curved ones. Considering the shape of the badge is crucial to the look of the whole name plate.


When choosing employee badges, it is important that the size, color, type of material used, prints should also be put in order. Frequent sizes provided by most manufacturers include 2" X 3", 1.75" X 3", 1.5" X 3", and 1" X 3". Large badges such as the 2" X 3" can fit several prints on it like the logo and employee name. The smaller 1" X 3" name badge can be a bit petite for the purpose, but should be able to deliver the message effectively.


As far as the size is concern, the color of the badge should fit with the company’s theme if there is any. White, yellow, grey, blue, and pink are the most commonly used colors. For employee name badges that should include a company’s logo, the logo must create a great color combination with the background. It can also be printed with a frame to make it more attractive and colorful.



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